Under the hood

Look here the technology that is under the hood. High performance, low memory footprint and incredible connections options


Main features

CPU ARM9 @ 400Mhz SoC chip

RAM 256 Mbytes DDR2

LAN 10/100 Mbits

USB 2 host ports

O.S. Linux Kernel 3.11


Support for multiple communication protocols for the downstream network (Lan and serial line)

Device types are built from the database, no hard coded, so it can be done by the end user or even downloaded from the web

Internal and remote relays are controlled by the native algorithms as timer, bypass, demand and TOU). User can expand the overall control behaviour by deploying scripts written in Lua.

Huge number of connection options, remote or local simultaneous connections are allowed.

The architecture is built on the state of the art components as libcurl web library, ZeroMQ message broker, MQTT connectivity protocol and much more

Native web server for configuration and also a RESTfull APIs allow you customize the web pages for your needs. You just need HTML5, CSS and Javascript technologies

Full Linux Debian distribution, so you are free to customize and add any service available in the community. No proprietary stuff.

The hardware

All in one

This all you need to build your project with no wrestle

with many different parts, components and cables

The prototype


Power supply

Isolated RS-485

10/100 Mbit Ethernet port

Two USB ports

Optional on-board WiFi

Quad band GPRS modem


Watch Dog

SIM Card holder

Up to 32Gbit SD Card

Real time clock

Six digital inputs

Three relay digital outputs

Four analog inputs (PT-100, V and I)

CODI revenue meter interface

Internal temperature monitor

I/O Expansion with GPIO, OneWire, SPI and I2c

Debug port

DIN Rail support

The next step

The next step is to pack the solution in a small and industry standard footprint

On the market today

There are many awesome solutions out there but sometimes not practical to use or deploy

You may not want to buy separete components or if you want deploy your project this may not be the right way